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CQStudios - what's in a name?

Some folks give me a look of confusion when I tell them my business name is CQStudios. What does that even mean?

Here's the deal - it's a play on my name! My given name is Carrie Quinn Slayton, but I've gone by Quinn my entire life. Middle-namers are a thing in my family: my great grandmother was Carrie Ethel (who went by Ethel) and my grandmother was Mary Beatrice (who went by Bea).

I love having a secret identity! People are often surprised when they find out Quinn is not my first name. I named my studio CQStudios because it includes my initials. I also love that CQ sounds like "seek you" - I'm definitely seeking you as a customer!

Finally, the "studio" is a table in my kitchen. Someday I hope to have bigger space!

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