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Video Work in the Wild

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Isn't it wild when you manifest your job?

I taught myself simple video production when I was laid off in 2020 to develop a new skill and pass the time during a difficult period. I dreamed of creating and editing videos for a career. And now, three years later, that is a part of my job at Kaptivate!

I'm a federal contractor with Challenge.Gov and I create short videos to promote the open innovation prize challenges featured on the site.

I use a combination of Animoto, Canva, and PowerDirector to create them.

Below are links to additional videos I created:

NIH Substance Use Prevention in Primary Care:

SAMHSA Behavioral Health Equity Challenge:

Applied AI Large Language Models Challenge:

Year of Open Science Recognition Challenge:

And here are two bonus videos I voiced (but did not create).

Applied AI Healthcare Challenge:

And one more bonus video - I wrote the script!

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